Lignea Tung Oil. – 100ml.



Pure tung oil. It penetrates deep into the surface of the wood, hardening and making it resistant to mechanical absorption and to a large extent resistance to water (it has approximately twice the resistance of linseed oil). Tung oil dries matte, without unpleasant glare. However, the tree still retains its natural functions. The protective layer is elastic and does not darken over time as with linseed oil.
Tung oil (lignea) is a suitable one for treating home furniture, garden furniture, musical instruments, wooden toys, wooden boats and even for walls. The Great Wall of China has been covered with a whole layer of tung oil, which has been preserved over the years.
Thin layers of tung oil also provide corrosion protection to metals.
Lignea can be applied in many layers. Allow the joint with balsamic turpentine or other vegetable oils at your own discretion.