Flaxseed oil – 100ml.



Flaxseed oil significantly emphasizes the pattern of the wood, hardens the surface, offers good protection against moisture and dirt and is easy to use. Last but not least and environmentally friendly.
Over time, surfaces treated with linseed oil are recommended for use on indoor surfaces. Many and varied mixtures with other oils or resins are possible. To improve their solubility, flaxseed meat is heated.

Example of making a quality coating with linseed oil:
Finely grind the surface (grain size 180-240), alkalize with water, allow to dry and then grind again but with 240-330 size.
The first layer:
Flaxseed oil is heated to about 55 ° C (but slowly … preferably in a water bath) or diluted with 20% balsamic turpentine instead.
Apply and leave.
After 1 hour, wipe off the blot and allow to dry for approximately 1 day.
It is then ground again (grain size 320).
Followed by 1 to 3 coats of undiluted linseed oil and no sanding between coats.
After several weeks of drying, the surface is polished with a special cloth.
The surface treated in this way is polished twice a year with beeswax to preserve its properties.

The application of linseed oil (brush or rag) is done transversely to the wood fibers, and polishing is done in the direction of the fibers.

Objects that are often used and are thus exposed to major mechanical damage or moisture can also be deeply impregnated by placing them immersed in linseed oil for many days. They acquire an amber-yellow color.