Bocote element 145x35x35mm.


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Botanical name: Cordia elaeagnoides, Cordia gerascanthus

Other Names: Bocote

Main color group: Light Brown

Fiber structure: Distinct

Average relative weight (dry): 855 kg / m3

Janka hardness: 8950 Newtons


Bocote is an exotic tree growing in Mexico and Central America. It features a wide range of fiber patterns from straight to wild, with curved lines and vortices. Its color varies from golden brown / yellowish brown to golden yellow. It is a hard, heavy and dense wood, strong and firm, with a medium texture. It is mainly used for custom replicas for swimming pools, furniture, veneer, furniture, inlays, knife handles and pens. It is well polished with wax or polyurethane and a moderately high natural gloss is achieved.