Stabilized natural materials. It is possible for small defects / cracks, pores, etc./ to appear in depth and superficially due to the nature of the material, this is corrected with polymer / epoxy resin / or most easily with cyanoacrylate glue / cananolite /. Very suitable for accenting a knife with a string handle. Each item has a price, which is mentioned below in the description. When forming the order, the system uses the set price of BGN 10.00. When sending the order, we will adjust the amount according to the number of the selected item. Please note your chosen element.

14 .41х27х26мм. -35lv.

20. 33х22х6мм. -10lv.

21. 33х27х6.5мм. -12lv.

22. 34х29х6.5мм. -13lv.-not available

23. 34х23х6.5мм. -10lv.